Ninja Sends Message to Epic Games on Potential Meta Changes and New Material Limit in Fortnite

Calum Patterson

Epic Games caused a storm amongst Fortnite fans on June 21st, after stating their desire to lessen the reliance on ‘build-offs’ by introducing a lower building materials cap.

They also strongly hinted towards weakening shotguns and rockets, essentially overhauling the current meta of the battle royale game, which has concerned some high profile players.

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Top Fortnite Twitch streamer Ninja also gave his initial thoughts via his stream, discussing both the building materials as well as how they can (or have already been) tweaking the meta.

Epic Games made it clear that one of their objectives with the changes is too keep the game feeling “fresh and new”, but Ninja feels there are better ways to go about this.

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He begins by explaining that the meta has already been frequently changing, at least in regards to weapons and equipment.

“It’s already like that, for example the stink grenades and the LMG, it changed the meta so much. And to always keep the game fresh by adding new things but not by changing building – the core.”

So listen to my words Epic – just keep doing what you are doing, don’t limit me to 500 materials, please. My fear, if say they cap it at 500 across the board, you’re going to have a potential situation where a bad player is just spraying you, and you run out of materials.

That would make the good player rage, because that is the skill gap, that is. I took the time to farm 999 wood, by golly I want to use it!”

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So, Ninja reckons that the developers should keep to their tried and tested method of continually adding new weapons, items and equipment in order to keep the game fresh, rather than mess with the core functionality of building.

Keep it the way it is. Continue to constantly, forever, change the meta by slowly adding new items that can just mix it up. And they’ve been doing that, and they just need to keep doing that and not lose themselves. They’re doing that.

Currently, it is still unclear if these changes posed by Epic Games will be implemented, but feedback from high profile players like Ninja and others will no doubt go into their decision making.