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Ninja reveals the one thing that stops him beating top Fortnite players

Published: 27/Jan/2020 14:33 Updated: 27/Jan/2020 14:43

by Jacob Hale


During a pretty heated moment on stream, Mixer star, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins explained why he struggles to beat the top players in 1v1 situations in Fortnite – and it’s not why you might think.

Ninja has dipped in and out of competing in Fortnite since the game’s release in September 2017, but recently has returned to his competitive roots and is noticeably trying to get one over on some of the very top talent — and there is a marked improvement in his play.

However, Ninja believes there’s one thing that’s holding him back from being able to take out some of the top competition, and it’s something all players can relate to.

Instagram: ninja
Despite becoming a global pop-culture phenomenon, Ninja is trying to stay true to his roots and become a top Fortnite competitor.

While playing some solo matches, Ninja found himself in a bout against two other players one after the other, but failed to hit the fatal shot on either, struggling to get through their protective boxes and do some damage to them.

Finally growing frustrated as his enemies kept evading him, Ninja says: “Can we just talk about how I can’t take walls? It’s so stupid, man. If I don’t have a P90, I will lose to every talented player in a solid 1v1 because I can’t steal sh*t.”

He did go on to put his words somewhat more eloquently, obviously finding the way he wanted to explain his problem. “I can’t take walls against players who I really need to take walls from. Like, a really good player that it would be awesome if I could get a good shot off on them by taking their wall.”

(Timestamp 00:45 for mobile viewers)

Ironically, shortly after, he managed to take the walls of an enemy and made a joke about it, saying “Well, I took his wall… but he wasn’t a very good player. But that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t want his wall.”

The ‘wall-taking’ issue is one that has been prevalent in Fortnite for what feels like forever. Often, it has come down to who has the best ping and can capitalize on their opponent’s slower chance to react, and Epic Games even addressed it by making changes to turbo building in August 2019.

That said, it will likely always be an issue in Fortnite as box-fighting becomes more standard across both competitive and casual play. So Ninja may just have to find new ways to trap his enemies and get himself the eliminations.

Wall replacing has become a common fight in Fortnite, with players wanting to box their opponents in, in a bid to hold them in place and get a shot on them before they can escape.

The quicker editors normally get the upper hand, and you will often see pro players spending hours practicing their box-fighting and editing as a result.

If Ninja manages to get on top of this issue, it will be interesting to see whether he really can compete with the very best Fortnite players.


How to pull off powerful Fortnite She-Hulk and Ironman “super-jump”

Published: 23/Oct/2020 7:19

by Andrew Amos


Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has done it again ⁠— the Fortnite star has uncovered yet another powerful interactive involving the new Marvel mythics. This time, he’s combined the She-Hulk and Ironman items to pull off a map-traversing “super-jump.”

It seems like a new mythic item is arriving in Fortnite every week during Season 4. The Marvel-themed season has appropriately themed items to go along with it, bringing each hero’s superpowers into the game.

Thor can toss around his Mjolnir, Iron Man can fly around, and well, She-Hulk can smash. Her mythic was added into the game in the latest update for players to muck around with.

She Hulk Jennifer Walters in Fortnite
Epic Games
She-Hulk’s mythic has finally been added to the main game.

She-Hulk’s smash allows her to jump incredible distances before smashing into the ground, knocking enemies up, and dealing damage. It’s very effective for closing down distances on opponents.

Her mythic is also very good at getting across the map quickly. SypherPK has managed to break Fortnite once again using his favorite combination of tools: Marvel mythics, and crash pads.

If you use the She-Hulk and Ironman mythics while jumping off a crash pad, you’re able to fly basically all the way across the Fortnite island. Obviously it’s a little bit silly, but if you need to make a cross-map rotation pronto, there’s no faster way.

“Iron man, plus Hulk smash jump ⁠— you get a really big boost there. Doing it in the water makes you go much further, and once you add a crash pad…it’s really cool,” Sypher said.

Segment begins at 4:54

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Deploy a crash pad in water.
  2. Jump in the water, and use the Iron Man Repulsor to jump into the air.
  3. Swap to the She-Hulk mythic, and use that to jump off the crash pad.
  4. Watch as you fly as far as you want across the map.

Obviously, this is probably a glitch. However, that shouldn’t stop you from abusing it whenever you get the chance ⁠— either for a bit of fun, or for a real advantage.

Epic is likely to patch it out of the game shortly, so you don’t have long to test it out for yourself. If you do manage to nab both mythics though, give it a whirl, and you might find yourself super-jumping across the map too.