Tfue ruins Nick Eh 30's family friendly stream in spectacular fashion

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite superstar Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney left fellow streamer Nicholas ‘NickEh30’ Amyoony regretting his decision to visit his stream as he hilariously ruined the family-friendly broadcast with a NSFW outburst. 


When it comes to streaming on either Twitch or YouTube, some streamers make the decision to keep their broadcasts family-friendly - meaning that everybody can join in the fun by watching something that isn’t likely to offend or upset anyone. 

However, that’s a little hard when you team with someone like Tfue who never backs down in his criticism of Fortnite - telling Epic Games to “go fuck yourself” and even letting fellow pros know that they’re welcome to pleasure him after he completely outplays them.


Tfue attracts thousands of viewers to his ever-popular Twitch streams.

So, when popular YouTuber NickEh30 decided to hop into Tfue’s stream to see what was going on, he left himself wide open to witnessing a NSFW tirade aimed at the game and its developers.

As Tfue was practicing his ultra-fast editing skills, the Fortnite star ran into an issue with the pyramid structure which didn’t allow him to shake things up, prompting an outburst. “Alright, I’m backing out of this fucking dog shit ass creative laggy ass fuckin pussy ass little bitch," he called out, sparking a “No, no, no!” from Nick Eh 30.

Timestamp of 3:20 for mobile viewers.



As the YouTuber was left shocked by what had accidentally unfolded, the clip quickly went viral after FaZe Clan's ‘Sway’ tweeted it out to his 309,000 Twitter followers. 

Of course, Nick Eh 30 responded, stating: “Let the records show that I had [PG-13] in my stream title lol,” but even that age-gate warning wouldn’t have been high enough for Tfue’s outburst. 


Tenney himself obviously couldn’t have known that a family-friendly streamer was watching along, rebroadcasting to his own viewers, so he couldn’t have toned down his usual antics.

Maybe, though, it’ll serve as a warning to anyone who ventures into the unknown without scouting out the landscape first.

Image Credit: Twitter: NickEh30/Twitch: Tfue