NICKMERCS shares hilarious theory about BRUTE mechs in Fortnite

Matt Porter

v10.0 Update, and since then fans have been crying out for their removal, or at least a nerf to make them less powerful. 

Now, FaZe Clan star NICKMERCS has come up with his own ideas about what happens at Epic HQ, and the thought process that went into them creating and including the giant robots in the game in the first place.

Epic Games
BRUTES have been a contreversial addition to Fortnite.

“Chat, are you ready for my question?” the 29-year-old asked his audience in a clip posted to Reddit. “Do you think – because you know how they like to do game-changing updates before a tournament – they get real corny, do you think because the World Cup is over, they just snapped?”

In the bag is everything that ever got brought to the table and got declined, because they knew we would (be in) uproar. I have a feeling that this season they’re just going to dump the bag on us.”

The Twitch star then put on the performance of a lifetime, pretending to be one of the head developers at the studio: “‘Henry, remember that robot thing you made? Let’s get it in the game. Make it duo bro, one guy steers, the other guy shoots. Badabing, badaboom,’ and now we’re just moving bro.”

While issues continue to creep up with the BRUTES, including an exploit that lets them travel across the island at super speed, it appears Epic are listening to the complaints from their fanbase and may nerf the mechanical monstrosities in the near future.

When this could happen remains unclear, but the developers confirmed that they are working to fix movement-related bugs, and that they are “evaluating the BRUTE and how it performs across all modes and skill levels.”