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NICKMERCS Plans To Switch From Fortnite on PlayStation To PC

Published: 6/Sep/2018 15:44 Updated: 6/Sep/2018 15:53

by Matt Porter


100 Thieves streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is planning to make the jump from Fortnite on PlayStation and move to the PC version of the game.

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While playing squads with CouRage, Cypher and Team Liquid’s POACH, the subject turned to Nick, and the fact that he was possibly hampering his growth by playing on PlayStation and not on PC.

NICKMERCS seemed to agree with the statement and revealed that he was considering making the switch;

“I think that’s why I’m going to make the switch to PC full time, but with a controller. What we were playing on during the tournament felt 100 times better, and I think I want to get in some of these scrims and start actually playing.”

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With Nick suggesting that he may make the jump in order to improve his skills, it seems certain that he plans to continue competing in Fortnite tournaments for the considerable future.


The 100 Thieves streamer had an opportunity to test Fortnite on PC during the Summer Skirmish event at PAX West, where he finished in 17th position and took home $11,250 for his efforts.

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What makes NICKMERCS’ high placings even more impressive is that he is one of the few top level players who use a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard to compete.

Using a controller should, in theory, put him at a disadvantage against his opponents, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the American play. If he starts playing on PC regularly, he might just be unstoppable.