NICKMERCS is mind blown by the accuracy of a PC player on Fortnite

Matt Porter

100 Thieves streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff was stunned by an enemy player’s aim while playing Fortnite on PC.

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NICKMERCS was streaming on Twitch when he was eliminated in mid-air by an opponent, who didn’t seem to miss a single shot as he took out the popular streamer.

Kolcheff went back into Fortnite’s Theater Mode to watch exactly how to die, and couldn’t believe the accuracy of his opponents shot, shouting “Watch this, watch this!” as he observed his untimely demise.

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Some members of Kolcheff’s Twitch chat believed that his opponent was in fact using an aimbot to get the kill, while others seem to think that it was just incredible aim mixed with a touch of luck. NICKMERCS took to twitter to joke that he wouldn’t be staying on PC if it happened again, saying; “bro I’m back to PlayStation if I see another one of those robots”.

NICKMERCS recently made the switch to playing on PC from PlayStation in an attempt to improve his skills. He has been playing on a PlayStation 4 since Fortnite’s release, but felt he was stunting his growth by remaining on the console, and hopes to get involved in scrims against pro players on PC.

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Despite the switch from console to PC, he continues to use a controller to play instead of a keyboard and mouse. Players who use a controller against the PC peripherals are generally thought to be at a disadvantage compared to their opponents, but NICKMERCS’ impressive placings in competitive events show that that’s not always the case.

NICKMERCS has been practicing on PC ahead of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish, which begins on Friday, September 21.