How to sign up for Fortnite Best Friendzy: rewards, Daily Bonus, more

Epic Games

Epic Games is giving Fortnite players a chance to earn timed-exclusive rewards and bonus XP with their buddies thanks to the Best Friendzy event.

Over the years, plenty of Fortnite players have created bonds, met friends, and slayed as a group for hours-long sessions at a time. Well Epic is now giving players an incentive to drop onto the Fortnite island together with the Best Friendzy program.

Players will have to opt into the event, but there’s special prizes for anyone that wants to sign up. Anyone can sign up to track their progress, so make sure to spread the word if your regular Fortnite duo, trio, or quad wants some in on the action too.

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Best Friendzy Fortnite sign-up and dates

The Fortnite Best Friendzy event will run for about two weeks from August 31 at 2 AM PST / 5 AM EDT / 10 AM BST to September 12 1 PM PST / 4 PM EDT / 9 PM BST.

To sign up for Epic Game’s Best Friendzy rewards program, there’s a simple set of steps that you can follow.

Fortnite Best Friendzy

  • Go to the Best Friendzy home page
  • Click on ‘Unlock These Rewards’
  • Sign in with your Epic Account
  • Select a Daily Bonus time

Doing these steps will let you start earning points, as well as track the progress you’re making in the Best Friendzy event.

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Only one person really needs to register so the points can start rolling in, since anyone in your Friends list you play with will also automatically earn points.

Best Friendzy points

Epic Games
The Best Friendzy event will have Fortnite pals earning new rewards.

The points system is going to be crucial for Fortnite players to start tracking since there are rewards that’ll take quite a bit to unlock.

To start earning points, all you need to do is register for Best Friendzy and play with anyone on your friends list. The points breakdown is as follows:

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  • 1 point for every 10 mins played in BR
  • 1 point for every 10 mins played in Creative (Max 6 per day)
  • x3 points for every minute played during Daily Bonus times

You can set up your preferred Daily Bonus time once you register for Best Friendzy. If you haven’t signed up for it, then your window will be defaulted to the same one your Fortnite friend has.

Best Friendzy rewards

Epic Games
The rewards you can unlock in Fortnite’s Best Friendzy.

While you can play and accrue points with any friend, Epic made it so that you need to “fully complete the progression with a single friend to unlock rewards.”

Once you start bagging the points, though, you’ll start reaping timed-exclusive rewards to add to your collection.

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  • Outer Space Handshake Emote
  • Invasion Remix Track
  • Life’s a Beach Wrap
  • Aquari-Axe Pickaxe

There’s plenty of reasons to grab a friend and drop into the Fortnite island, but now the devs are giving players a chance to earn rewards while playing.

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