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New Fortnite & The Batman movie crossover event confirmed by DC Comics

Published: 31/Aug/2021 12:15

by Sam Comrie


Fortnite players will be waiting to see The Batman for a little longer, but the caped crusader has plans to drop in sooner than we thought. 

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is due to hit cinemas next year, following several delays. While the wait is agonizing for more Batman content, Fortnite has been providing some wicked DC content. Players have seen the likes of The Suicide Squad, Superman, and more join the battle.

Batman has also swooped into the battle royale before, and now, the dark knight is returning once again.

Thanks to DC Fandome, we have our first inklings of new Batman content.


Batman Fortnite
Epic Games, DC Comics
Batman has appeared before with different movie-inspired looks.

DC Fandome is bringing the goods

DC Fandome has become the direct source for superhero fans looking for sneak peeks of upcoming projects. Debuting last year, viewers enjoyed previews for films, comics, and games.  Among those previews was the first look at The Batman. Promised to be a darker, noir-influenced take on Batman’s early years, the film is highly anticipated by fans and moviegoers alike.

The Batman is set to be the cinematic debut of Robert Pattinson’s version of the character. However, we’ll have to wait till next year to see Pattinson’s interpretation in full.

Fortunately, DC Comics are teaming up with Epic Games once again for some awesome content in the meantime as revealed in the new Fandome trailer.


Players can get an inside look to upcoming DC content on October 16. Along with these exclusive previews, will be our first sighting of The Batman’s crossover event. While specifics of the event are under wraps for now, it is safe to assume that Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be available to acquire.

Whether this gritter version of Batman is available via the in-game store or challenges, will be revealed closer to the time. The crossover event will likely begin on or around October 16 too, to get players stuck into the action as soon as possible.

DC Fandome will be streamed over on YouTube. There is some time to kill before then, so make sure to check back in with us as more developments appear.