How to get secret Fortnite Meowscles vault key card

by Andrew Amos
Epic Games


Fortnite players have discovered a new vault key card hidden on the map, leading to a secret location. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

Vaults were added into Fortnite in Chapter 2 as a place to grab exclusive, overpowered loot that could turn the tides of a game in your favor.

Since then, many fights have broken out around them, as players look to contest others to get their hands on the prized possessions.

Epic Games
A new vault could be opening its doors in Fortnite soon.


While it’s slowly dwindled out, the bickering could continue in an upcoming patch, with a secret vault ⁠— and its key ⁠— being discovered after the v12.30 patch.

YouTuber ‘Ali-A’ released a tutorial on April 7, highlighting a new room that could be coming to Fortnite soon.

You’d think the vault would be positioned in an obvious spot ⁠— a POI where plenty of players drop to fight ⁠— but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this new vault key card, tied to Meowscles.

Epic Games
Meowscles holds the clue to Fortnite's next vault.


The secret lies in a relatively inconspicuous warehouse in the bottom-right corner of the map. While the key card may be called the Yacht key card, it’s most definitely not found there, and it doesn’t point towards it when you get it either.

To get the special keycard, you have to defeat Meowscles in the cardboard box factory. If you find the right angle, it should be pretty easy to do without taking any damage. However, you’ll have to be careful for people third-partying, or stealing the card from you after getting the kill.

From there, the key card will point you towards the Agency. Once you make your way to the point of interest, you’ll have to do some diving into the river to find the treasure.

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 4:40.


The key card will ⁠— eventually ⁠— be used to activate a vault near the Agency. However, when players approach the underwater shelter, the key card prompt will not pop up, for now.

It might be a case of Epic adding the item an update too early, and so players can expect it to possibly be patched out in the coming days. However, it’s good to know for when the next chapter of the Ghost vs. Shadow event comes out.