How to find secret Fortnite Battle Star for Week 9 Season 7 Snowfall challenge – Location and guide

Published: 30/Jan/2019 16:41 Updated: 1/Feb/2019 9:42

by Ross Deason


Week 9 of the Snowfall challenge in Fortnite once again features a Battle Star, meaning all Battle Pass owners on PC, PS4, Xbox One or any other platform have a free Battle Pass tier just waiting to be collected. Here’s how to find it.

The Snowfall challenge is a bonus challenge that runs throughout Season 7. If players complete enough of the challenges before the end of the season, they will be rewarded with the mystery Snowfall skin, which was leaked by data miners after the release of the v7.30 patch.

*UPDATE* If you have kept up with all the weekly challenges, this is the week you will finally be able to unlock the Prisoner skin. This skin has four stages, and you will need to find keys to unlock each stage – the location of the first key has already been discovered.

The Snowfall challenge is very similar to the Hunting Party, Road Trip and Blockbuster challenges from past seasons; players that complete all seven challenges for a given week will unlock a loading screen that contains a hint for where to find a secret Fortnite Battle Star or Banner.

The loading screen for the ninth week of the season was leaked shortly after the release of the v7.30 patch on January 29, so we already knew exactly where we need to look in order to complete the Snowfall challenge when it went live on January 31.

The Snowfall loading screen for Week 9 of Season 7 can be seen below. The hint this week is pretty tricky to spot so we’ve circled it for you:

The Week 9 Snowfall loading screen also provides a glimpse at the Snowfall skin.

As you might have already guessed, the image scratched into the wall of the icy cave shows the Battle Star located on top of the wooden sleigh that can be found in the center of the D8 coordinate of that map.

The Battle Star will be located at the exact point marked on the map below, on the top of the wood sled.

Simply land on top of the sleigh once you’ve completed all of the Week 9 challenges.

Once you’ve completed all seven of the standard challenges for Week 9, the Snowfall challenge will be unlocked and the Battle Star should be available for collection.

You simply need to go to the location marked on the map and the Battle Star will appear. 


How to unlock the Predator skin & cosmetics in Fortnite

Published: 20/Jan/2021 17:50 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 17:51

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite has been teasing the arrival of a Predator skin throughout Season 5, and now he’s finally arrived on The Island. Here’s how to unlock his skin.

Season 5 of Fortnite has introduced a number of exciting crossover skins to tie in with its ‘bounty hunter’ theme, including The Mandalorian, God of War’s Kratos, and Halo’s Master Chief. So what’s next? Well, it’s the Predator’s turn now.

The terrifying character first appeared in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hit 1987 movie Predator and went on to spawn a massive franchise of sequels and spin-offs. He’s easily one of the most recognizable characters in movie history.

Predator Boss Fortnite
Epic Games
Predator has arrived at Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite Season 5.

There have been plenty of hints about Predator’s arrival already given throughout Season 5, including the alien warrior’s logo appearing on a door, a helicopter crash site, and a truck being used as a generator like in the movie.

It’s now been confirmed that Predator has landed in Fortnite, and fans are pretty hyped for his arrival. Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking the skin so you can use it yourself.

How to unlock the Predator skin in Fortnite

Following the v15.21 update, players who have purchased the Season 5 Battle Pass will be able to see a new Mystery Rewards section, which is where you can view the Jungle Hunter Quests that need to be completed to unlock Predator cosmetics.

As you can see in the Battle Pass menu below, unlocking the Predator skin requires you to complete one very challenging task: Defeat Predator. This won’t be easy, and it’s recommended you do it in Squads to get some support.

Fortnite Predator Skin

To defeat Predator, you’ll need to head to Stealthy Stronghold and locate him. He’s incredibly agile and will utilize his Cloaking Device to turn almost invisible, so taking him down will be a very difficult task.

There will also be plenty of other players trying to complete this challenge and unlock Predator, so it’s going to be mayhem. We’ve put together a guide to defeating Predator that might help you in your mission.

How to unlock Predator emote, back bling & pickaxe

As well as the Predator skin, players with the Battle Pass can unlock a Yautja Wristblades pickaxe, a Hunter’s Trophy back bling, The Hunt loading screen, a Bio-Helmet Online emote, and a Hunter’s Arsenal weapon wrap.

Here are the Jungle Hunter Quests you’ll need to complete to unlock them all:

  • Find mysterious pod (Banner Icon)
  • Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy (Logo Emote)
  • Collect Medkits (Graffiti Spray)
  • Collect Legendary Weapons or rarer (Loading Screen)
  • Defeat Predator (Predator Skin)
  • Complete a Bounty as Predator (Hunter’s Trophy Back Bling)
  • Visit Predator’s apartment in Hunter’s Haven as Predator (Bio-Helmet Online Emote)
  • Spend 30 seconds within 10 meters of a player as Predator (Yautja Wristblades Pickaxe)
  • Deal damage while thermal is active as Predator (Hunter’s Arsenal Weapon Wrap)

The Bio-Helmet Online emote in particular is one you’ll definitely want to unlock, as it allows the player to remove Predator’s mask and reveal the horrifying face underneath.

We have a feeling this will become a fan favorite in Fortnite very quickly.