Fortnite: Where to find keys and campfires to unlock Prisoner (Snowfall) skin stages

The Snowfall skin named ‘Prisoner’ is finally available for players in Fortnite, after completing 60 of the 63 weekly challenges in Season 7, but there is more to do if you want to fully unlock the prisoner. Here’s how to unlock stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4.

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Firstly, you will need to unlock the Prisoner skin itself – to do so, you need to complete weekly challenges, and then find the hidden battle star. We have a full guide and map for the location of the Week 9 battle star here.

Still shackled by chains and locks, the prisoner will need your help to be entirely set free, and to do so you will need to find a set of keys.

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How to unlock Prisoner Skin Stage 2 (Key)

Unsurprisingly, this first key can be found at the same location as the prisoner was previously trapped – inside the Polar Peak castle.

YouTuber HeyStani shows the key is located on a desk on the north of Polar Peak mountain, and you will need to be rocking the prisoner skin to interact with it.

The key to unlock stage two of the Prisoner skin.

This will only unlock stage two of the skin, which admittedly isn’t all that impressive, but you will need to go in order if you want to fully unleash the Snowfall character. You can see all the stages of the skin here.

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How to unlock Prisoner skin Stage 3 (Campfire)

To unlock stage 3 of the Prisoner skin, players will need to interact with the new environmental campfires.

First hinted at with the week 10 loading screen, which sees the Prisoner sitting at a campfire, the campfire in question has finally been located.

New for week 10, the campfire marked on the map below is the one you will need to interact with (while wearing the Prisoner skin) to unlock Stage 3.

The campfire to unlock the Prisoner Skin Stage 3 is on this peak.

Here’s the campfire location in game.

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How to unlock Prisoner Skin Stage 4

The path to unlocking the fourth and final stage of the Prisoner skin has finally been discovered, and like Stage 3, required interaction with fire.

This time however, it’s multiple fires, as the Prisoner performs a ritual, just north of Wailing Woods. See the map below for the exact location you need to head to.

For extra help, see our full guide to unlocking Stage 4 here.

Head to the location marked by the red circle to unlock Stage 4 of the Prisoner Skin.

If you still haven’t completed enough Season 7 challenges to unlock the Snowfall skin, you can fly through them with out complete weekly guides. Also make sure you check out the challenge guide for the new Showtime challenges.

Now that every Stage of the Prisoner skin is available, players are now waiting to see what he does next. The earthquake has already started, and it’s likely the Prisoner has a role to play in whatever destruction is to come.