How to defeat Brutus & get Mythic Minigun in Fortnite Season 2

David Purcell
Brutus in FortniteEpic Games

Epic Games have added five base bosses in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 and defeating them can leave you with a brand new Mythic weapon that packs a punch – like his Legendary Minigun. So, here’s how to knock him out. 

There are five protected locations being guarded by NPCs following the v12.00 update, and while henchmen can be difficult to take out in their own right, just getting to the point of eliminating each boss can be difficult.

Each of them have considerably more HP than an ordinary Fortnite player or bot, protecting not just the Mythic weapons in their hands, but also a shed load of loot that can be found at each vault at the points of interest.

gold minigun in fortniteEpic Games
Brutus is holding the Mythic Minigun in Fortnite and defeating him means you can pick it up.

Once they have been struck down, they drop both their insanely powerful gun and a keycard to grab all of the vault loot as well, so let’s take a look at how to do just that – because it’s not so easy if you go into this battle blind.

How to defeat Brutus and get his Legendary Minigun

First of all, you’re going to need to know where to find him – The Grotto. This is just one of many new landing spots that were added by Epic Games in the game’s latest major update and its being protected by a group of bots. A step-by-step guide can be found below.

  1. Drop from the Battle Bus and land at The Grotto.
  2. Land next to the hole that’s closest to the sea, jump inside, land in the water to prevent fall damage and grab a weapon.
  3. Run past the stationary laser turret and go up three sets of steps to reach the top of the building, connected to the helipad.
  4. Jump through the middle of the top set of steps and enter the small vent door.
  5. Eliminate the two henchmen who protect Brutus. Pick up a Minigun once they have been killed.
  6. Use the Minigun to fire at Brutus’ head, for more damage.
  7. Collect his Mythic Minigun and The Grotto keycard, which can be used to open the vault.

Secret vent location

The vent can be found by jumping inside the loose space of the tallest staircase. Once you have jumped through, you will see the door. Interact with it and you will reach the room where Brutus and others will be waiting.

Secret vent FortniteEpic Games
Here’s the vent you need to enter in order to quickly encounter Brutus in Fortnite’s Grotto.

Now that you know what you know, you might be thinking it sounds very easy. For those who have defeated him before, it might be, but first-timers who have still yet to take down the new character will benefit massively from finding the vent we mentioned in the guide.

This allows players to bypass a number of steps, which would involve knocking out a grunt downstairs and scanning their faces on a door to grant access to the room where Brutus can be found.

For more info on the other Fortnite vault bosses and the loot they’re carrying, this handy map might help you out too. Good luck!