How to defeat Doctor Doom in Fortnite: Mystical Bomb & Arcane Gauntlets

How to defeat Doctor Doom in Fortnite: Mystical Bomb & Arcane Gauntlets

Published: 27/Aug/2020 14:19 Updated: 27/Aug/2020 14:29

by David Purcell


Fortnite Season 4 players need to take down Marvel’s Doctor Doom if they want to play with the two new Mythic Items he’s protecting, the Mystical Bomb and Arcane Gauntlets. Here, we will show you how to defeat him once and for all. 

Epic Games shuffled the pack once again on August 27 with a new crossover season launch, Nexus War, bringing many heroes to the battle. They have crashed onto a planet they have never seen before, where people cannot talk and memories are wiped.

In the movies and their respective comic books, these heroes are one of a kind. Nobody else can wield their power, until now.

In Season 4, any Fortnite player can take on the powers of Doctor Doom just by striking him down, so let’s take a look at how to do just that.

Doom's Domain in Fortnite with Doctor Doom
Epic Games
Doctor Doom is difficult to take down in Fortnite, but there are big rewards up for grabs if you pull it off.

How to defeat Dr Doom and get Mystical Bomb/Arcane Gauntlets

First of all, you need to know where to find him. He spawns at the location which used to be called Pleasant Park.

  1. Drop from the Battle Bus at Pleasant Park, which is now called Doom’s Domain.
  2. Place a marker on the biggest dark house here.
  3. Visit the house to find Doctor Doom, but land on the roof.
  4. Use your pickaxe to break in that way, and grab a weapon or two.
  5. Using your high ground advantage, fire at the character continuously until downed.
  6. Pick up the items he drops, which are the Mystical Bomb and Arcane Gauntlets. That’s all!

Use high ground to your advantage

Doom's Domain in Fortnite
Epic Games
Doom’s Domain is the new name of Pleasant Park, and Doctor Doom is waiting for you inside the big house.

The key here really is to know where to break your way in. Come in through the front door and you will leave yourself with very little cover.

Exit your glider on top of the structure, however, and you should be able to blindside Doctor Doom from above. He usually can be seen walking around the ground floor and might look like easy pickings when you first see him. That said, do have in mind that these bosses have more health than you. They take longer to eliminate.

Using your height advantage, you should be able to knock off enough health without him dealing damage to yourself. Then, when downed, eliminate him with your weapon and two books will spill onto the floor. These are very valuable, as they’re both Mystical Bomb and Arcane Gauntlets’ abilities.

Having these two in your arsenal as you approach the latter stages of a Fortnite match is going to increase your chances of being crowned the winner fivefold. For more information on superhero abilities and where to find them, here’s everything you need to know.


SypherPK reveals secret buff to Fortnite’s superpower abilities

Published: 17/Nov/2020 10:12 Updated: 17/Nov/2020 10:14

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite content creator SypherPK has revealed that Epic Games might have made a mistake with Siphon Squads, giving the mythic superpowers an unannounced buff. 

At the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, a number of Marvel heroes and villains descended on the battle royale island to prepare for their impending fight against Galactus. 

As a result of their arrival, Fortnite has become awash with all sorts of Marvel references – be it through cosmetics, points of interest, or in-game challenges. Though, the biggest addition has been the mythical superpowers. 

These superpowers are obtainable by taking down the hero, or villain, that they usually belong to. Getting your hands on one won’t typically guarantee a victory, but, there might be a different story in Siphon Squads. 

Iron Man using the Unibeam ability in Fortnite.
Epic Games
Iron Man’s Unibeam has received a huge buff in Siphon Squads.

During his November 15 video, Sypher pointed out that if you drop into a Siphon Squads game, the mythic superpowers actually act as if they’re still inside the Marvel Knockout limited-time mode. 

According to Sypher, when playing Siphon Squads, the Doctor Doom bomb will do 90 damage instead of its usual 60. On top of that, the Doctor Doom gauntlets do 45 damage instead of 35.

Iron Man’s Unibeam ability has also seen an uptick in power too, all the way to dealing 150 damage. “In this game, I found a Unibeam and I just started one-shotting everybody in the lobby. 150 damage is insane in a game mode like this,” Sypher added. 

As for the other abilities in-game, neither Wolverine or She-Hulk drop their abilities in Siphon Squads mode, so they don’t see a drastic improvement. 

The change to Doctor Doom and Iron Man might have been intended by Epic specifically for the mode, but given that they’ve gone unannounced, it might surprise a few players. Though, if it’s a mistake, the devs will likely roll them back to normal sooner rather than later.