How to complete Fortnite’s Cameo vs Chic Challenges and get a new skin

David Purcell
Fortnite character in forest

Epic Games have revealed a brand new set of Cameo vs. Chic Overtime challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2, with a brand new skin style available to unlock as a reward. 

Epic have had to shake up their challenge system for Fortnite during the course of Season 1, starting by giving players incentives to find different letters, and that was followed by a number of different other missions too.

The debut season has been the longest in the battle royale title’s history, spanning over 100 days, meaning that Overtime challenges – which would usually arrive to mark the end of the season – have instead been staggered into different parts.

Battle Bus headed towards Fortnite island
Fortnite players are going to have to land in loads of different places for this new set of challenges.

Now, there’s a fresh set of missions for Fortnite players to complete and it’s fair to say that they’ve got their work cut out to unlock some of the best rewards on offer.

So, let’s start off with the challenges and how to complete them.

All Cameo vs. Chic mission challenges

  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 80 (80)
  • Complete ‘Cameo VS. Chic’ Mission Objectives (9)
  • Catch an item with a Fishing Rod at different locations with No Fishing signs (3)
  • Consume an Apple, a Mushroom, and a Slurproom (3)
  • Sear a Rare Chest or Supply Llama (5)
  • Elimination at different named locations (5)
  • Catch a fish at Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake, and Flopper Pond (3)
  • Visit a lonely recliner, a radio station, and an outdoor movie theater (3)
  • Get an elimination with an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and a Sniper Rifle (3)
  • Destroy a telescope, a television, and a telephone pole (3)
  • Search the hidden gnome found in between a race track, a cabbage patch and a farm sign (1)
  • Dance at the top of and Mount H7, Mount F8, and Mount Kay (3)

How to unlock new Fortnite Cameo vs. Chic skin style

There’s a fresh skin style available for players to unlock, which is a gold variant of the Cameo Vs. Chic skin.

It’s quite the slog to get ahold of it, though, as you’re going to have to complete at least nine of the tasks on the list above.

Cameo vs Chic Overtime reward skin
Here’s the gold skin style you’ll be awarded after completing these challenges.

Each of the completed challenges will award you 52,000 XP, which will go a long way when completing the Battle Pass.

With this set of challenges takes players across the map to different locations, making them search for items such as hidden gnomes and dancing on mountains. So, do you have what it takes to get the new skin style?

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