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Hidden Fortnite Season 2 clues hint at two new map locations

Published: 19/Feb/2020 10:52

by Matt Porter


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 teasers are coming thick and fast, but some investigative fans who have been scouring through the images released by Epic Games so far have discovered a special hidden clue than reveals a brand-new location is heading to the game on February 20.

Chapter 2, Season 1 has been the longest in the game’s history, so it comes as no surprise that Fortnite fans are desperate for Season 2 to kick off and breathe new life into the battle royale game, with the next installment of the game set to launch with a major update on Thursday, February 20.

As always, developers Epic Games have been releasing teasers to build hype about the coming update, and drop a few clues about what players can expect when they jump out of the Battle Bus and into Season 2. After some incredible sleuthing, some players have discovered an image of a brand-new location that will take over the middle island on the Fortnite map, also known as the “Eye-land.”


While each image appeared to have structures in the background, they were faint and hard to make out until the image showing a face with a skull mask placed on top to disguise the identity. When players took this image and raised the brightness up, they were shocked to see a brand-new building in the background, one we haven’t seen before in the popular battle royale title.

The structure appears to be extremely large, with multiple floors and rooms, and spacious areas outside, complete with trees and shrubbery. Planted on top of one of the roofs is a flag, although it’s impossible to see the logo emblazoned on it, which could be a clue towards who owns it. The location even has a helipad, although whether Season 2 will have a vehicle that can make use of this addition remains unknown.


Interestingly, this location will appear on the middle island on the Season 2 map, which is officially nameless. Dataminer HYPEX was able to reveal to match the trees and rivers in the background to this island, meaning it will likely be one spot on the map that receives a complete overhaul when the update drops on February 20.

HYPEX also believes that an Oil Rig will appear on the map, taking part of the teaser and placing it beside Slurpy Swamp, with the outline of the map almost perfectly matching the bottom left corner of the map.

Of course, neither of these locations are confirmed to be appearing in the game, but it does give Fortnite fans an interesting look at what they can expect to see in Chapter 2, should these theories prove to be true.


The good news is that players don’t have long to wait, with the new season expected to release worldwide on Thursday, February 20.