Fortnite’s A.I.M skin could be hinting at a Winter Theme coming

. 4 years ago

The new A.I.M skin in Fortnite, unlocked through the Hunting Party challenges, could be big hint towards a wintery makeover coming to the battle royale map soon.

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Although nothing has been made official yet, fans are predicting that there will be some snowy additions to the map and lobby screen, if not entirely at least partially.

During November and December in 2017, only the lobby screen changed, and there was some new cosmetic items added, but no major map changes.

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The A.I.M skin, which came with a legendary back bling and a pickaxe only available from the Item Shop, could be the biggest clue yet indicating a winter theme.

Players have began to notice that the edges of the skins arms and legs appear to be somewhat icy, hinting that the skin itself came from a wintery land.

In the image below, courtesy of FortniteINTEL, you can clearly see frosting around the edges of the A.I.M skin.

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What we do know about the A.I.M skin is that he is meant to have dropped in via a parachute, which called into question the leaks suggesting an aerial vehicle was set to be added.

As for the potential of a wintery theme coming to the map itself, A.I.M is the only real clue so far, but Save the World mode did get a snowy makeover in 2017, so the possibility is definitely real.

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