Simple exploit in Fortnite gives you First Shot Accuracy with every shot

Calum Patterson

There’s nothing more frustrating that losing a gunfight due to the random bloom effects in Fortnite, but this recently discovered bug will allow you to retain First Shot Accuracy with every shot.

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If unaware, First Shot Accuracy (FSA), is a mechanic implemented in Fortnite earlier in 2018, which essentially makes your first shot 100% accurate, provided that you are not moving.

No matter what, the first shot you fire from certain weapons will go completely straight, with no bloom effects at all, but every subsequent shot is subject to the random bloom effect which will send your shot anywhere within the crosshair width.

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Not every weapon has FSA, but most do, including Assault Rifles, pistols and SMG’s.

FSA is an extremely powerful tool when used properly, but this bug will allow players to exploit the pinpoint precision of FSA for every shot – simply by switching to the pickaxe rapidly between shots.

Shared by u/PhaedrusAqil on Reddit, the video shows you exactly how to perform the exploit, and that it works with not just the Hand Cannon, but also the Assault Rifle.

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The trick simply requires you to switch to the pickaxe very briefly before immediately switching back to the weapon – or even another weapon.

Although the video example is on PC, this trick would also presumably work on console, by simply tapping Triangle or Y quickly between shots, to switch to the pickaxe and then back again.

It is unlikely that this is intentional, so Epic Games will almost certainly patch this bug in a future update, but for now, you may as well make the most of it.