Fortnite player learns hard lesson about victory dances after a kill

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While playing Fortnite, one person learned the hard way that performing victory dances after a kill isn’t the best move.

Fortnite boasts a wide range of emotes for players to employ at leisure. On some occasions, a user will activate an emote to greet a friend or fellow player.

Other times, they’re used to mock opponents, especially those who’ve been taken out of commission. But timing is key when the heat of battle wages on.

Many Fortnite players seem to learn this particular lesson the hard way, though.

Fortnite teaches one player a tough lesson about victory dances

Reddit user LocalGayKid posted a Fortnite gameplay video with a caption simply reading, “Lesson learned.” At first, all seems to be working in the player’s favor.

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Within a matter of seconds, they eliminate another user and pick up a few promising items. Trouble comes after the Redditor secures their victory, however.

As opposed to moving on to the next fight, the Fortnite player hops over a barrier and performs the Savage victory dance. Things don’t end well.

Being taken out by another player while mid-Savage emote is undoubtedly a rough way to go. At the very least, it appears the Redditor has learned their lesson.

Some commenters in the thread poked fun at the clip, having a laugh at the player’s “two seconds of happiness.”

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Others were quick to offer advice, though, with one person noting that victory dances following a kill are best kept short by “canceling the emote.”

Either way, Fortnite users would do well to carefully observe their surroundings, regardless of how well they’re performing in a match.