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Fortnite v15.50 update: Leaked skins and cosmetics

Published: 2/Mar/2021 10:11 Updated: 5/Mar/2021 11:54

by Alex Garton


Fortnite’s v15.50 update has arrived and as always a range of unique skins and cosmetics have been added to the game. Here’s an early look at them all.

It’s fair to say every single one of Fortnite’s updates, whether they’re big or small, create a lot of excitement in the community. Although a lot of players get excited about the new playable content added in each patch, for others, it’s all about the skins and cosmetics.

Luckily for us, Epic never fails to deliver on that front and v15.50 is no different. From a brand new female Midas skin to various exciting new bundles, there’s plenty to check out in the latest update.


Without further ado, let’s go over all of the leaked cosmetics this week – courtesy of VastBlast, Lucas7yoshi, and HYPEX.

Leaked skins from Fortnite v15.50

Full Golden MariGold

Fortnite golden skin
Epic Games
Full Golden MariGold skin.

GoldenTouch Marigold

GoldenTouch Fornite
Epic Games
GoldenTouch Marigold skin

Cyprus Nell

Fortnite skin
Epic Games
Cyrpus Nell skin and variant.

Centurion skin

Fortnite Centurion skin
Epic Games
Centurion skin and variant.

Leaked skin bundles from Fortnite v15.50

MariGold ‘GoldenTouch’ Bundle

After being teased by Epic a number of times, this female Midas bundle has finally been released and Fortnite fans everywhere will be looking to pick it up in-game.

Fortnite skin
Epic Games
GoldenTouch Midas Bundle

Dream and Whiteout Bundle

Fortnite skin bundle
Epic Games
Dream and Whiteout bundle.

New skin bundle

Fortnite Bundle
Epic Games
New skin bundle.

All cosmetic from Fortnite v15.50

Courtesy of Lucas7yoshi, here’s a graphic of every single cosmetic and extra from the v15.50 update.

Fortnite skins
Epic Games
All cosmetics from the 15.50 update.

That’s every single cosmetic that’s arrived in the Fortnite v15.50 update. There’s certainly no shortage of new skins to pick up and show off this week.

So, don’t forget to jump into the game and pick up some of your favorites while they’re available in the store.