Fortnite TikTok goes viral for mispronunciation of Dragon Ball’s iconic Kamehameha

Terry Oh
Kamehameha in Fortnite

The recent Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration took the internet by storm, with many content creators swarming to the battle royal to catch the viral wave. One TikToker mispronounced Dragon Ball’s Kamehameha, causing the fandom to pounce — playing right into his trap.

Goku, Beerus, and Vegeta have jumped onto the island in the recent Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover. On top of these characters, players have access to the iconic Kamehameha as a weapon, which charges and shoots out an energy wave dealing massive damage.

However, some people are really showing their age with their pronunciation of the move.

In a recent TikTok reel, content creator ‘Dagwummy’ shared some gameplay tips regarding the Kamehameha. But while doing so, mispronounces the move horrendously.

“So we all know the Kamehameha is overpowered,” the content creator states. But what the viewer hears is something more in the line of ‘Callmeyamama’.

Reddit users were quick to mock the content creator for his lack of knowledge on the series, calling Dagwummy a “zoomer”. The clip became viral.

But viewers quickly realize the mispronunciation was actually strategic, with previous videos from the content creator pronouncing the move correctly.

Dagwummy goes on to address the troll, where he believed his pronunciation was an obvious ‘yo mama’ joke but was misperceived by the community.

It seems Dagwummy has figured out the key to viral fame: Just mispronounce an iconic move, and wait for the community to get incredibly frustrated.

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