Fortnite players are in love with new Dragon Ball Kamehameha exotic

Fortnite Dragon Ball KamehamehaEpic Games

The latest Fortnite crossover has brought the Dragon Ball universe into the game, with players now obsessed with the Kamehameha exotic that has been added in.

Fans are going crazy for the latest Fortnite crossover, which brought the Dragon Ball franchise into the popular game. If fan response is anything to go off, bringing the Dragon Ball characters and moves to the game is one of the biggest crossovers for Fortnite to date. 

And while players were excited about the idea of getting to play as the likes of Goku, the Kamehameha exotic that the crossover brought with it has gripped the Fortnite community.

In the Dragon Ball franchise, the Kamehameha is one of the most well-known and commonly used moves in combat. Characters like Goku, Vegeta, and other Super Saiyan characters use it constantly throughout the series to defeat some of the biggest foes across the galaxy.

Essentially, a Kamehameha is a giant ray of concentrated energy that is shot out of the user’s hands after generating within them in the shape of a ball. In Fortnite, this move has been replicated and can be used by players in-game.

Videos are being posted online constantly, with players showing off epic trick shot kills they have done using the Kahemameha ability. On top of trick shot videos, people are also posting random characters, such as Venom or Darth Vader, taking down opponents with the iconic Dragon Ball ability.

Part of why players have gone crazy for this new move is because of how extremely overpowered it is. Given that it is likely to be nerfed in the coming days or weeks, the Fortnite community is taking advantage of just how epic the Kamehameha has been since dropping.

As well as its Fortnite crossover, Dragon Ball is also making waves in the TV and Film scene, with the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film having just been released in theatres.

The latest Dragon Ball Super film focuses on Gohan and Piccolo and includes many callbacks to the earlier sagas of the anime.