Fortnite streamer details how to be more effective with the Heavy AR

Epic Games

To be successful in Fortnite, a player needs to know how to builder smarter and aim better than their opponents, and a new AK tip would go far to helping people with the latter.

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Fortnite’s Season 7 ushered in a ton of changes and features to the game, one of which being an update that changed how one of the game’s most powerful weapons can be aimed. 

YouTuber ‘Liftie’ demonstrated how the latest patch affected the ‘bloom’ of the reticule after firing or jumping with various Assault Rifles, and comes to the conclusion that tapping while hipfiring is much more accurate with the Heavy Rifle above all other types.

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Epic GamesHipfiring with the Heavy AR could be clutch, just don’t rely on it with every gun.

“In this patch, when you hipfire with the [Heavy AR], the bloom shrinks a lot faster,” Liftie said. “What you want to do [is time it so that the bloom shrinks] every time that you fire. So that will be at about 60% the fire rate of full spray.”

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The video shows him cycling through the guns to provide a sample of how large the reticule grows with every jump, the growth from the Heavy AR was borderline negligible.

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He goes on to show him tapping away while hipfiring at an opponent from varying distances and shows the usability of the AK even when in midair.

He says that a full spray is not ideal with the weapon, but tapping with the weapon increases its viability in most scenarios.

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