Fortnite Solo Showdown Results Reveal Surprising Statistic About Which Platform Performs Best

A surprising revelation has come out of the most recent Solo Showdown LTM in Fortnite – indicating that console players may have the upper hand.

Since developer Epic Games made it clear recently that all platforms, console and PC, will be treated as equals from a competitive perspective, there has been increased scrutiny on the ramifications this could have.

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The global results for the second Solo Showdown show that console players, mainly on PlayStation 4, take up more than their fair share of spots in the top 100.

In the first Solo Showdown, only 11 players in the top 50 were on PC, and for the second Solo Showdown this dropped to only four of the top 50.

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This raises the question again – can all platforms truly be treated equally in the competitive Fortnite scene? 

Of course, this figure could be pure coincidence, and depends also on the total player base of PC and Console players who took part in Solo Showdown. But to have such a large disparity is surprising.

Team SoloMid member and streamer ‘HighDistortion’ reckons that the figure suggests the level of skill on console is less than PC, allowing the more skilful console players to more easily reach the top of the rankings.

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Ninja, a former professional Halo player who has also competed in PUBG, thinks that if Epic Games wishes to continue to treat all platforms as equal, then Solo Showdown should be played exclusively on cross-platform servers.

This way, players on PS4 and Xbox would be coming up against PC players and vice-versa, and so the quality of opposition could not be called into question.

These placings in Solo Showdown have major implications as well, as Epic bases invites to the $8 million Summer Skirmish series from the leaderboard. 

A PS4 player, invited because of his Solo Showdown performance, recently won week 2 of Summer Skirmish – which caused considerable controversy.