Fortnite Zero Build sky glitch secures player an easy victory

fortnite sky glitchEpic Games

During a Zero Build mode match, one Fortnite player encountered a strange sky glitch that helped them secure an easy victory.

Epic Games introduced the Zero Build mode to Fortnite earlier this year in March, allowing users to play a mode sans building options.

Some players steer clear of the mode at all costs, while countless others enjoy the added bit of challenge. In certain instances, though, glitches enter the picture and turn the experience upside down.

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But a Fortnite player in Zero Build recently discovered that sometimes even the strangest of bugs can work in one’s favor.

Sky glitch helps Fortnite user win big at the end of a match

Near the end of a Zero Build match, Redditor a-shawn1 randomly stumbled across an in-game glitch that actually worked to their benefit.

Just as the Storm Eye began to shrink, the player found themselves launched into the air without notice. They rose at least a few hundred feet before falling back down. It wasn’t a panicked fall, though.

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Instead, the Redditor managed to position their character right into the storm’s eye before landing and almost instantly taking out their final opponent. Victory was theirs for the taking, all made possible by the aforementioned bug.

A few other Reddit users chimed in to say they, too, have encountered the Fortnite sky glitch depicted above, though it doesn’t always end on a positive note.

One Redditor claimed they’ve run into the issue a number of times recently. Some of those instances ended with the player character falling to their death.

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The bug dates back even further, though, with Fortnite fans reporting the flying error late last year during Chapter 2 Season 8. Evidently, the glitch likes to resurface every so often.