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Fortnite skill-based matchmaking reportedly removed in Squads

Published: 6/May/2020 4:38 Updated: 6/May/2020 8:19

by Isaac McIntyre


Epic Games has reportedly removed skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) from Fortnite’s Squads playlist, after months of fans begging the battle royale’s devs to bin the contentious Chapter 2 feature.

SBMM has been one of Fortnite’s contentious features since it was first added at the start of Chapter 2. Epic implemented the game-changing search function with good intentions, but has been facing fan backlash ever since.

The battle royale’s devs have been fine-tuning their flagship title in Chapter 2 though, and it looks like SBMM is the latest feature to come under the spotlight. According to leakers and pro players, it has reportedly been removed.


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Epic pulls the plug on SBMM in Squads playlists

At least, the much-maligned matchmaking feature seems to have been switched off in the battle royale’s four-player Squads playlist. There has been no word on Solos or Duos though, leaving many to suspect it’s a single-mode change.

YouTuber Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan also revealed in a May 5 upload that he had confirmed with his Epic contact “skill-based matchmaking has been removed”. Epic’s plan, he said, was to make the title’s playlists “more casual,” and “less sweaty.”

Other stars seem convinced the much-hated feature has finally been stripped away too. Ali-A said he had “tested the rumours” and was convinced after he dropped 23 kills, while 100 Thieves star CouRageJD praised Epic for the move.


For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 0:53 in the video below.

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SBMM still reigns in Warzone, Apex Legends too

Epic has yet to comment officially on this alleged change, however. That’s no small surprise ⁠— Fortnite’s devs often make unannounced tweaks to the title’s map, as well as weapons and equipment. They’ve become famous for their silence.

Epic isn’t the only battle royale dev team to come under fire for their choice to implement an SBMM feature recently either ⁠— Infinity Ward and Respawn have both been slammed by Warzone and Apex Legends fans respectively too.

Warzone and Apex Legends players have been calling for SBMM to be removed since their battle royale titles were released.
Infinity Ward
Warzone and Apex Legends players have been calling for SBMM to be removed since their battle royale titles were released.

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In late March, Call of Duty superstar Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag took a swipe at the Modern Warfare devs over SBMM. Respawn was also forced to respond to Apex players after fan outcry over the feature reached fever-pitch last month.


Fortnite appears to be the only battle royale to have actually pulled the trigger on removing the contentious feature, however. The only question is: considering Epic has yet to comment, will it be permanent? Unfortunately, only time will tell.