All leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics yet to be released in Season 8

David Purcell
Background: Epic Games

Fortnite Season 8 has brought about some huge changes to the map, new emotes and other exciting features, but many of the skins added in the v8.00 update and before are yet to be released. 

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Players have been enjoying getting used to a whole host of new content added by Epic Games in the v8.00 update, whether that be the new volcano which has appeared near the old Wailing Woods area, a pirate inspired zone called Lazy Lagoon or a new congo emote. 

However, for those fans that can’t help but look for a sneak peak at what’s to come in the new season, we have a list of every unreleased skin that could soon be making its way to the game. 

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Data miners found that all of the skins below were added to Fortnite with its latest patch, as well as a number of other creative cosmetics. 

While there’s a trend of people choosing the classic default characters from Battle Royale, there’s no denying that some fans will be hoping to get their hands on some of these  designs in the near future. 

So, let’s take a look at every unreleased cosmetic in Fortnite’s assets right now…

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These leaked uncommon Fortnite skins include Sunflower (left), Munitions Major (middle) and Hayseed (right).
These leaked rare Fortnite skins include Carbon Commando (left), Mezmer (middle) and Hypernova (right).
These leaked skins include IKONIK (Epic/left), as well as two rare skins – Bandolette (middle) and Sunbird (right).
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Other Cosmetics

There are a number of other cosmetic features which have been leaked by FNBRHQ and TrixBR, which include Gliders, Back Blings, Emotes and Pickaxes. 

Leaked uncommon gliders for Fortnite Season 8. Rush (left), Helium (middle) and Steadfast (right).
Other leaked Fortnite Season 8 gliders. Choppa is an epic glider (left) and Sunrise is rare (right).
Leaked Back Blings for Fortnite Season 8 include Sun Wings (Epic/left), Hypnotic (Rare/middle) and Carbon Pack (Rare/right).
Other leaked Fortnite Season 8 Back Blings. Oscilloscope (Rare/left), Haystacks (Uncommon/middle) and Sun Sprout (Uncommon/left).
Leaked Pickaxes for Fortnite Season 8 include Gold Digger (Rare/left), Uni-Horn (Rare/middle) and Longhorn (Rare/right).
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Other leaked Pickaxes for Fortnite Season 8 include Axetec (Uncommon/left), Brute Force (Uncommon/middle) and Machete (Uncommon/right).
Leaked Fortnite Season 8 emotes include Fandangle (Rare/left), Scenario (Rare/middle) and Shadow Boxer (Uncommon/right).

So, there you have it. That was the entire collection of unreleased cosmetics that have been found by data miners for Fortnite Season 8. 

There’s no official word on whether or not these designs are going to be added to the game or not in the future, but do keep a lookout for future updates from Epic Games and see if any from this list are included.