Fortnite respawn van locations leaked

Twitter - @Faders_ | Reddit - u/assassins112378

A Reddit user claims to have found more leaked respawn buses in Fortnite, perpetuating rumours that they could be added to the game soon.

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The respawn function has proved popular in battle royale rival Apex Legends, with players being able to revive fallen teammates at various locations on the map by collecting their respawn banner. Could a similar system be coming to Fortnite?

Epic Games have already confirmed that they have been exploring the possibility of adding respawn functionality in Season 8 during an ask me anything session on Reddit at the end of February. 

Twitter - @FortToryVans could be used to revive fallen team-mates at various locations throughout the map
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Respawning looked to be close to becoming a reality on February 28 when images of respawning vans were uncovered and ‘Second_Chance_Van’ was found hidden in the game’s code.

Although there were no updates in the most recent patch, v8.01, Reddit user u/Remizje was able to find the leaked respawn vans at various locations around the map using replay mode, fuelling speculation that they could be introduced to the game sooner rather than later. 

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Vans were found at every point of interest on the map meaning almost all players should have the chance to bring their team-mates back onto the battlefield if respawn functionality is eventually added.

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Reddit | u/7damage_Respawn vans can be found right across the map at locations including Tilted Towers and Paradise Palms
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It wouldn’t be the first time that Fortnite took inspiration from their competitors after putting a pinging system in place to help users easily locate loot and enemies.

With the recent health/shield per kill being added to default playlists, being eliminated after being knocked down is even more frequent than in the past.

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Respawn functionality would be a welcome change and reward players who clutch up in fights even when their team-mates have been wiped out.

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