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Fortnite pro Yung Calc apologizes for insensitive Chadwick Boseman Tweet

Published: 30/Aug/2020 13:19

by Calum Patterson


Professional Fortnite player and streamer, Jonathon ‘Yung Calculator’ Weber, has apologized after he sent out an “insensitive” Tweet following the unexpected death of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman.

Yung Calc is a North American pro player, who rose to acclaim in the competitive Fortnite scene at only 14 years old, as one of the top young players.

However, he has been caught up controversy on a number of occasions, most notably when he was kicked out of a tournament for allegedly mocking deaf Fortnite player Ewok, which he denied.

Fortnite World Cup arena
Epic Games
Yung Calc was one of the competitors at the £30m Fortnite World Cup, placing 16th.

And he has been forced to respond to backlash once again, after he Tweeted: “So no Black Panther 2 wtf?” only hours after news of Boseman’s passing from cancer became public.


The Tweet was quickly deleted, but not before it had been screenshotted and shared by FaZe Fortnite player, Josue ‘Sway’ Burgos, with the caption “cringe.”

Yung Calc responded, “I literally replied to this tweet and said it’s so sad he died, it was an in the moment thing because I was shocked.”

But this response only drew more ire on social media, prompting Weber to make a full apology.

“I deleted the tweet instantly after people told me it was insensitive cause I really didn’t mean it in that way or realize it was insensitive,” he said. “I am sorry for not thinking about the tweet more but it’s not like I meant actual harm.”


In a follow-up Tweet, he says it was not an attempt at a joke or trying to be funny, and that it was misinterpreted. “I’m an idiot for it and I made a mistake, I truly didn’t mean any harm towards him or the family.”

Some fans were happy to see Weber admit his mistake and take ownership, while others labeled his apology meaningless.

Although not the most famous of Fortnite pros, he boasts 230,000 followers on Twitch, and is signed to esports brand, Built By Gamers. He qualified for the Fortnite World Cup duos event in 2019, finishing 16th with his partner MackWood.