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Fortnite pro has insane conspiracy theory for why some unpopular weapons aren’t vaulted

Published: 30/Jun/2019 21:36

by Albert Petrosyan


A Fortnite Battle Royale professional player believes that developers Epic Games may have some ulterior motives when it comes to deciding which weapons and items to keep in the game. 

The Vault is a very active and central aspect of Fortnite, as its where weapons and items are stored when they are removed from the game’s default core modes.

While Epic have remained largely consistent with their decision making behind what should be vaulted and what shouldn’t, there are still some choices that have left many players scratching their heads. 

For example, the Tactical Shotgun and Suppressed Pistol are both widely considered to be among the lower tier of weapons, dropped at the first sight of even a mid-level gun, and yet both continue to exist in the game.


This becomes even more of a curiosity when considering that the Pump Shotgun was recently brought back from the vault, increasing the number of shotguns to three (Combat Shotgun).

Epic GamesThe addition of both the Combat and Pump Shotguns has made the Tactical Shotgun expendable, and yet it continues to exist in the core default modes.

While many may be confused as to why these weapons haven’t been vaulted yet, one professional player seems to have it all figured out.

‘Beehive,’ a European Fortnite pro that represents Luminosity Gaming, has theorized that the reason why Epic continue to keep weapons like the Tac Shotgun and the Suppressed Pistol in the game, is perhaps due to their partnership with Nerf.

“I just realized the reason the silenced pistol and the Tac haven’t been vaulted is because Fortnite collaborated with Nerf to make three guns: Scar, Tac, and silenced pistol,” he tweeted. “I bet it’s in the contract to not remove them. This game is a f*cking meme.”


Obviously, if this reason were to turn out to be true, it would definitely receive a lot of backlash from the community, as it would mean that Epic were allowing corporate deals to influence their game, especially since nothing of the sort has ever been officially announced.

With the $30 million World Cup coming up, after 10 weeks of qualifiers were just played, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that many competitive players would feel hard done by if this theory were proved to be fact.

That being said, this could end up being nothing more than a conspiracy theory, although that would still then leave the question of why these weapons are still in the game, unanswered.