Fortnite streamer banned after allegedly grooming children on Twitch

by Virginia Glaze


As social media and live streaming grows ever more popular, more and more children are using the platforms to engage in the online space - but this isn’t always a positive thing, as predators have been known to take advantage of minors on the net, with one Fortnite streamer standing accused of such behavior.

Dutch Twitch streamer and Fortnite player 'Aaitpoes' has been accused of allegedly grooming minors using his online presence, with two individuals coming out to share their disturbing stories about their proposed interactions with the streamer.

14-year-old Fortnite enthusiast Stan ‘StynLive’ posted a lengthy story to twitlonger detailing his relationship with Aaitpoes, where he claimed that the streamer had asked him inappropriate questions about his genitals and even inquired about his sexual behavior - which ended in an explicit Snapchat being sent to the minor.

“... he sent me super often and here and there, he asked strange questions that were quite sexist,” a rough translation of the post read. “Sometimes I ignored it and more and more I noticed that he had other intentions. He asked me questions such as: ‘How long is your penis then?’ or ‘Do you also suffer from a hard-on every morning?’”

Stan then explained that he effectively “baited” the streamer into sending a photo of his penis, explaining that he shared his story to “shake up the community that they are better aware of who they come in contact with.”

StynLive, Twitter
StynLive, Twitter


This user isn’t the only one to share their interaction with Aaitpoes, by far: another user named “Luuk” claimed that the streamer had harassed him after Tweeting about the incidents, calling him a “cancer hater” and a “gay boy.”

Other users have been quick to speak out against Aaitpoes, who subsequently deleted his Twitter account in light of the allegations.

Luuk, Twitlonger
Luuk, Twitlonger


That’s not all: Aaitpoes’ Twitch account has also been suspended in wake of the drama, with others claiming that he has simply chosen to go under a different name (although the alternate account in question has likewise been banned).

With more information still forthcoming, the allegations around Aaitpoes serve as a grim reminder for both parents and minors to protect themselves online - no matter how much clout a person might have.