Fortnite pro Clix claims Bugha stream sniped him during TNA duo cup


During a duos tournament hosted by The New Age, Fortnite pro Cody ‘Clix’ Concord questioned the integrity of a play made by fellow pro Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf that eliminated his duo partner from the round.

The esports organization Team New Age hosted a Fortnite tournament that had both a duos and trios bracket. For the duos bracket, the total prize money available was $6,000, and there were some very big names competing.

Fortnite pros Clix and Dejsean ‘Deyy’ Hew decided to team up for the duos part of the tournament in an attempt to win themselves some cash. Clix and Deyy also decided to stream their games on Twitch.

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During the third match of the cup, Clix was killed near the bridge, and Deyy quickly picked up his reboot card. Deyy heads for Pleasant Park to reboot Clix, back into the storm. Clix actually jokes that Deyy was trying to sneak the revive, assuming nobody would be in the storm.

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“You’re saying I need to sneak this, nobody’s there!” Clix joked. Right after he says that is when his duo partner is taken out by a duo hopping out of a vehicle.

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“That’s so cringe bro… Who goes into- That’s so cringe. Yeah right, bro. ” Clix says as the duo who killed his partner, who is actually Bugha and ‘Nosh,’ L-dance on his body.

Stream sniping or skill

After his duo is eliminated, Clix loaded up the replay of the match and watched his opponent’s perspective.

Clix said about hearing the reboot “You don’t hear it from that far. And he came before he hit the reboot.”

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Clix is referring to the possibility that Bugha could’ve been stream sniping Clix’s stream, and knew where they were. Bugha was not streaming the tournament, so we don’t have his perspective during the game.

It is possible that Bugha did hear it, as he is one of the top Fortnite pros at the moment. But also, it is a very risky play to go back into the storm. As of yet, Bugha has not responded to the accusations so fans are unsure what his perspective was on the matter.

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