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Fortnite players want 100% chest rate back after “ridiculous” changes

Published: 5/Jul/2021 21:05

by Nick Farrell


A highly-critiqued feature that has nagged competitive players has been the spawn rates in Fortnite, and it seems players are growing increasingly fed up with the game’s RNG. 

Fortnite Season 7 has been off to a bang since it released on June 17, and it appears we are in for more amazing content, as new leaks have pointed towards LeBron James being the next ICON Series skin coming to the game.

But, while the casual of the game is all fine and dandy for the time being, competitive players are once again, getting the short end of the stick. This time around, it has to do with the questionable choice to remove the 100% chest spawn rate within the game.


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Epic Games
Fortnite recently added Bunker Chests, and these contain incredible loot!

Players want 100% chest spawn rate back

During the initial release of Chapter 2 back in 2019, Epic decided to tweak the spawn rate of chests all over the map to 100%, meaning that every chest would spawn no matter what.

This was one of the best quality of life changes that Epic made in the entirety of Fortnite, as it made no difference where you landed on the map since there would be some chests for players to loot.

However, a few seasons ago Epic reverted these changes, thus making some spots on the map questionable to land on – due to the fact that there is a chance there may not be any chests that spawn at a few locations across the map.


Over on the competitive Fortnite Reddit, it appears players are growing tired of this inconsistency, and a new post has risen to the top of Reddit discussing these issues.

This post immediately warranted attention, and it raises questions into whether or not Epic is ever going to revert this decision. But, as we have seen in the past with other examples, such as the removal of siphon from public matches, it doesn’t seem likely they are keen on adding this feature back.

So, for the time being, players are asking Epic to revert the 100% chest spawns in Fortnite, as it would make most landing spots viable for Arena and tournaments.