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Where to find all Payphone locations in Fortnite Season 7

Published: 10/Jul/2021 19:45

by Alan Bernal


Epic Games added a new way to farm Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 7 by racking up challenges via a Payphone and here’s where you can find them throughout the battle royale.

Payphones let players choose from four NPC challenges. Completing those challenges rewards players with everything from XP for Legendary challenges to Gold Bars as the standard, and the latter can massively help with loading up on Weapons or Consumables.

The phones across Fortnite are a useful component since you can drop basically anywhere on the map and still have a decent way of accessing Gold Bars from the get-go.


But since they don’t show up on the larger map in Fortnite, it’s good to know exactly where to access a Payphone as you’re playing a match.

Where to find Fortnite Payphones?

Epic Games
Knowing where to access Payphones helps Fortnite players cash in on Gold Bars.

You’ll need Payphones to complete big quests every now and then, so it’s handy to have their locations on hand if you’re in a bind.

There are 15 Payphones around the Fortnite island, but they’re not evenly dispersed.

If you’re landing anywhere near Steamy Stacks, then expect to have a few options nearby. Whereas if you’re landing near Weeping Woods, your options become much more limited.


All locations on Fortnite’s Payphones in Season 7.

Of course, landing near the middle of the map will severely limit your options. Landing at the North West or South West parts of the map will give you the best chances of coming across a Payphone.

Just keep in mind to complete a Payphone request in the time limit they give you, but playing around the NPCs could pay huge returns.