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Fortnite players want Epic to add a “Museum” POI where they can relive past seasons

Published: 1/Feb/2021 6:39 Updated: 1/Feb/2021 6:40

by Brad Norton


Fortnite players have shared a genius new ‘Museum’ idea to bring all of Epic’s most iconic battle royale items, locations, and experiences all under one roof.

Fortnite has been the hottest battle royale on the market for almost four years now. Throughout its time as one of the most popular titles, the game has changed a great deal and players have experienced all sorts of new content with each season.

From weapons and equipment to entirely new locations and of course, the limited-time events, Epic is always looking to shake things up. But what about players who miss certain periods or veterans that simply want to relive their version of the good old days?


Rather than separating the player base into different modes or scaling the game back in time, Reddit user ‘Agoevan05’ has a simpler idea. ‘The Fortnite Museum’ could be just what the game needs moving forwards.

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Epic Games
Classic items could be on display for players in the Fortnite Museum

This new Point of Interest in the Party Royale mode could serve as a hub for content through the ages. Whether it’s a weapon from the very first season of Fortnite or a vehicle that we haven’t seen in years, it could all be on display in Fortnite’s very own museum.

Some sections of this location would purely be for soaking up information. You might only be able to look at and read up on certain items. Though there could be other areas that allow for a deeper level of interaction.


One suggestion is to have a functioning cinema that replays events from previous seasons. As most major events only take place once, millions of players miss out on these game-changing experiences. Rather than looking up videos after the fact, this cinema could bring players together to watch the spectacle in-game.

Another feature could be a model of Fortnite’s map. This would let players view long-gone POIs and zoom in for an overview of what made each season special.

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Epic Games
Having a way to relive old events in-game would certainly be a draw.

While it might sound like a gimmick that daily players would rarely visit, a museum would serve as a fantastic way to preserve Fortnite’s history. Taking a trip down memory lane and being able to interact with classic items at any time could just reignite that spark for older players too.


It’s purely an idea for the time being, but there’s no denying this POI would be a perfect fit for Fortnite’s Party Royale