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Fortnite players request major change to Skye skin in Season 5

Published: 28/Jan/2021 16:56

by Jacob Hale


Fortnite players have requested a major change to the popular Skye skin in Season 5, which would show her a little more love and stay true to her character’s artwork and look.

Skye is an Epic rarity outfit that was unlocked at level 80 of the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 battle pass.

Since then, it’s become pretty common, with fans loving to knock about the island in the skin — but there’s been one key problem that now has a suitable fix.

In all of her art, Skye has one sword, but as part of the Quest Friends set, she gets the Epic Swords of Wonder, which lets players wield two swords.


fortnite skye skin sitting
Epic Games
Skye has become one of the most popular skins in Fortnite.

Now, players are calling for her harvesting tools to be more true to her character’s design and make a single Sword of Wonder instead.

In all of her artwork, Skye runs with a single sword, but the game only facilitated animations for characters to run two swords as their harvesting tool.

Now that’s changed, fans of Skye want her to get a single sword, with BlackMageIsBestMage on Reddit saying that there’s “no reason not to” introduce a new harvesting tool or a new Swords of Wonder style that gives her the look fans have wanted the entire time.


skye fortnite epic swords of wonder
Epic Games
The Epic Swords of Wonder could become a singular Sword of Wonder if players get their way.

The Reddit post has since been removed by moderators but is still visible, and received over 3600 upvotes, proving how popular this idea would be and just how many fans Skye has.

The sentiment is also one repeatedly shared by Fortnite fans online, so we would be surprised if Epic Games didn’t look to introduce a single Sword of Wonder soon if not to just appease Skye’s hardcore fanbase.

That said, they’ve got slightly bigger issues to fix right now including the controversial “pay-to-win” Superhero skins, which players have frequently complained present a huge visibility issue in the game.