Fortnite players claim Chapter 5 Season 1 is the “most boring season ever” 

John Esposito
LEGO Fornite destruction

It seems Fortnite fans are ready for a change in scenery, as one player blasts this season as the “most boring” season ever.

Chapter 5 has been a big one for Epic Games, as the studio introduced new waves of content to Fortnite. Three new modes debuted —  LEGO FortniteRocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival — and new improvements joined the core Battle Royale portion.

However, not everything was well-received this season, with recurring criticisms being the Item Shop, sniper rifles, and underutilization of the mod system.

As the season winds down, fans are sharing how they felt, with one feeling dubbing it the “most boring season ever.”

Fortnite player slams Chapter 5 Season 1

In a critical post shared to the Fortnite subreddit, one player shared why they felt Chapter 5 Season 1 severely underperformed compared to previous seasons.

“The map is bland and pretty much every POI feels the same with no uniqueness. Not to mention the way it’s designed doesn’t feel like Fortnite’s normal cartoony vibe,” Reddit user ComprehensiveBox6911 said.

They go on to blast the train POI, one of this season’s highlights, before dubbing the loot pool as boring.

The Item Shop didn’t escape the criticism either, as they claim LEGO ruined the shop, a popular criticism amongst fans. They end the post with this season earning a 5/10, of course, after pointing out concerns with the locker UI.

A lot of the player’s criticisms are issues fans have had all season. Fortnite’s known for its zany appearance, yet it’s seemingly dialed back this season for a more mature tone, which hasn’t resonated with fans.

“This map is missing goofiness,” one player said.

Although another added on: “The only goofy thing about this map is Peter Griffin dying.”

Reflecting on the tonal shift, one player said: “It’s feeling more like 3rd person Warzone.”

Other critics agreed with the train’s underutilization, with the widespread sentiment being players are ready for Season 2. However before that hits, one final update is set to bridge the gap, hopefully addressing some player problems.

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