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Fortnite player gifted win over cheaters in bizarre final circle showdown

Published: 31/Mar/2022 22:42

by Michael Gwilliam


A Fortnite player’s incredible win against a team of cheaters after some divine intervention has impressed the battle royale community.

Fortnite has undergone quite the resurgence lately ever since it made the decision to implement a mode without any building. Lo and behold, less is sometimes more.

However, the newfound popularity of the title has resulted in some cheaters getting up to old tricks by teaming in solos, much to the chagrin of anyone wanting to play fair and win legitimately.

For Redittor ‘theMightyPanda27,’ this problem was almost too much to deal with, but some luck from above was enough to help secure the W in a thrilling climax in the final circle.


Fortnite Zero Build screenshot
Epic Games
Fortnite players are loving zero build mode.

Divine intervention helps Fortnite player overcome cheaters

With only three players remaining in final circle, theMightyPanda found themself in quite the predicament, as their foes were working together, which is a big no-no in solos.

After landing some shots on one of the remaining opponents and taking cover, our hero’s back was against the wall as the two threats came marching closer.

Just as theMightyPanda peeked behind cover to engage once more, bolts of lightning flashed from the sky as the banhammer eliminated the two cheaters in one fell swoop.

First time winning by the banhammer! from FortNiteBR

“I had to open the map to double check I was actually in Solos,” the Redditor revealed, and explained how the two teamsters were not permanently banned. “They are given a warning for teaming and repeated kicks can lead to an actual ban I hope.”


According to the player, after checking the replay, both cheaters were together the entire match, constantly healing each other and sharing loot.

The clip earned a lot of praise on Reddit, amassing over 5,000 upvotes on the site, proving once again that players love to see cheaters get what’s coming to them.