Fortnite player discovers controller bug that’s causing weapons to shoot on their own

Published: 26/Dec/2018 21:49 Updated: 26/Dec/2018 21:50

by Albert Petrosyan


There is a bug in Fortnite Battle Royale that is hampering the gaming experience for those who play using a controller.

The bug in question is one that causes players’ weapons to fire on their own without the player pressing the shoot button at any point.

This issue seems to flare up when a player quickly switches from the building interface to a weapon or pickaxe in their inventory.

Reddit user ‘nNived’ brought this issue to light in a video he posted on December 26, which shows his game consistently glitching out every time he switches from his builds to a weapon or pickaxe.

In his video, he displays a controller simulator directly on the screen that shows exactly which buttons he is pressing at any point in time, which clearly shows his weapons being fired without him touching the shooting button. 

As shown in the video, the bug forces all weapons in the inventory to auto-fire when switched to, which he demonstrates by switching from his shotgun to his pickaxe to his SMG, all of which begin shooting until he eventually causes it to stop. 

It appears that the only way to stop this glitch is to press the shoot button once the auto firing begins. While this may work to stop automatic weapons like SMGs from continuing to fire, it will do nothing to prevent single fire weapons like shotguns or launchers from firing off their single shot.

This then obviously presents an issue on multiple levels for controller players, as it causes them to waste unnecessary ammo, give away their position, and potentially inflict damage to their own health and builds if switching to a launcher type weapon. 

The comments section for the video was full of players expressing their own frustrations with this controller bug.

The Fortnite Community Trello page currently lists an issue similar to this one, titled “auto shooting when using a gamepad.” However, the description indicates that a player must switch to trap first then a weapon to cause the auto firing, which is certainly not the case in the video above.

If this is a totally different issue, then it has not yet been officially acknowledged by Epic Games, which could spell bad news for players since it is not yet being investigated and a fix is not being developed.


Epic Games sues Apple & Google in UK over Fortnite removals

Published: 16/Jan/2021 1:28

by Theo Salaun


Following litigation over Fortnite’s app store removals by Apple and Google in the United States of America, Epic Games have officially mounted lawsuits against both tech companies in the United Kingdom, as well.

In August 2020, Epic Games added their own payment process to Fortnite’s mobile offerings so that Apple and Google’s cellphone and tablet users could purchase in-game items at a discounted price. This discount was specifically enabled by the new process, which bypassed each company’s transaction fees. 

Unsurprisingly, as the payment method was in direct violation of both the App Store and Play Store’s Terms of Services, each company subsequently removed Fornite from their offerings. And, expecting this, Epic Games responded by launching lawsuits against the companies in the U.S. and Australia. 

Now, the makers behind the world’s most popular third-person battle royale have tripled down and mounted legal action against both tech giants in the U.K. Citing violations of competition laws, Epic Games’ legal case in the U.K. is very similar to the ones already made in other countries. And, immediately contested, Apple and Google’s responses have proved similar, as well.

Fortnite Crew image
Epic Games
Fortnite’s Crew subscription service means even more payments for Epic Games.

As discussed by BBC News, Epic have officially submitted documents to the Competition Appeal Tribunal in the UK. The allegations suggest a monopolistic abuse of power by each company that centers around competitive restrictions to app store and payment processing options, as well as unfair payment fees.

Typically, those fees come at about 30 percent of all purchases, although exact figures differ depending on company and app. Fortnite is obviously one of the biggest games in the entire world, so almost one-third of their sales on mobile means hefty earnings.

But, like their other lawsuits, Epic allege that this is about more than their own profits. The company demands that Apple and Google begin allowing software developers to institute their own payment-processing systems and options to be downloaded outside of the App and Play stores.

Fortnite Crew Green Arrow
Epic Games
Fortnite has always delighted its fanbase with purchasable cosmetics.

So far, Apple and Google have both replied similarly in the U.K. situation, claiming that they are open to reintroducing Fortnite to their mobile stores but that they deny any violation of competitiveness.

Dexerto will continue to monitor the legal cases in each country, providing updates whenever these prolonged legal disputes begin reaching their conclusions.