Fortnite player claims they’ve found cutest feature in LEGO mode

Rory Teale
LEGO Fortnite Key Trailer art

One Fortnite player discovered an adorable hidden “Sit and Talk” feature in the LEGO mode that the community loved.

One popular member of the Fortnite community, iFireMonkey (most known for their leaks), discovered an awesome hidden feature in the LEGO mode when you sit down next to a friend that viewers found unbelievably cute.

In the clip shared by the player, after iFireMonkey went to join their seated companion a prompt appeared with the option to “Sit and Talk”.

The two LEGO figures then continued to have what looked like a deep conversation, smiling, looking around, and gesturing like people do in real life.

The Fortnite community absolutely loved this hidden feature included in the mode by Epic Games, finding it an extremely thoughtful inclusion.

Some fans loved it so much that they had even already started planning which characters they wanted to see having an amicable talk together.

“Yeah, that is adorable. Gonna make Midas and Skye do this sometime,” they said. “I love this game,” praised another player.

However, while it was pretty undeniable how cute the feature was, some players in the community still had some complaints about it:

“It’s a very cute option,” admitted one fan “but also it’s very scuffed in a very silly way. It treats the second seated player exactly like a villager which means they’ll automatically exit the bench with no input after around 10-20 seconds,” they complained.

Still, even if for some Fortnite players the hidden feature had some slight issues, the community was still grateful that it was in the game in the first place and has hopes that Epic Games will add more cute interactions like this in the future.