Fortnite leaks hint at new Poison Dart Trap item

by Matt Porter


Fortnite v8.10 officially released on Tuesday, March 12, and data miners have already found a new Poison Dart Trap that appears to be coming soon to the popular battle royale title.


The v8.10 update for Fortnite brought a host of new changes such as the brand new Baller vehicle, weapons balancing updates and a massive change to how Vending Machines will work in the game moving forward.

While going through the game’s update files, data miners appear to have gotten their hands on a brand new trap that will likely make an appearance in the game in the near future - the Poison Dart Trap.

Epic Games
Epic Games
The Fortnite Season 8 Week 3 loading screen shows Sidewinder running away from arrows.


As first reported on ForntiteINTEL, the Poison Dart Trap will has been found in the game’s files, although there is currently no official visual assets for the item as of yet.

Found by data miner FortTory, little is known about the trap, but if Epic Games have added it to the games files, it’s likely that we will see it make an appearance in the popular battle royale title in the near future.

Not much is known about how much damage the item will do, but it’s possible that a Poison Dart will damage players over a period of time, much like how damage is inflicted when players stand in the vicinity of a Stink Bomb.


It appears that Epic Games have already started to hint at the new item, as the loading screen for Week 3 of the Discovery challenges features a Sidewinder skin running through a barrage of arrows.

Some believe that the Poison Dart Trap may be used as part of a new version of the popular Getaway Limited Time Mode, while others theorize that it is simply going to be a new addition to the base battle royale game.

There is no official release date for the Poison Dart Trap, but stay tuned to Dexerto for more information as it becomes available.