Laguna Fortnite starter pack leaked following V8.10 patch

by Connor Bennett


The next 'starter pack' in Fortnite has been leaked via the game files discovered in the v8.10 update - and it will add a fruity flavor to how players who purchase the pack look.

Data miners have been hard at work following the recent v8.1 update, which added a brand new vehicle to the battle royale game, to leak a whole host of new content to fans earlier than expected.

While there is no official name for this upcoming starter pack just yet, the name of the skin and its accompanying back bling and wrap are known thanks to Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Go on a roll in Fortnite with the new Baller vehicle

The female skin is called Laguna, with its description of “Storm the Beach.” The name of the Back Bling in the starter pack is called ‘Pineapple Strummer' - which looks to take the form of a guitar in a Pineapple design.

Finally, the wrap is called 'Pineapple' - which is pretty self-explanatory as to what that will look like. The starter pack will also include a currently unknown amount of V-Bucks, so you get a bit more bang for your buck with the purchase. Previous starter packs have come with 600 V-Bucks, so it'll likely be the same for this one. 

Twitter: ShiinaBR
Twitter: ShiinaBR
The set will be centred around the new Laguna skin.

The new starter pack is just a smaller part of a whole host of new skins and cosmetics that have been uncovered following the first update to Fortnite Season 8.

There is currently no information as to when this starter pack will be available in the Fortnite store to purchase, or just how many V-Bucks you’ll have to spend to acquire it but keep following Dexerto for all the breaking news and updates from this v8.10 patch.