The Baller in Fortnite is just as ridiculous as you imagined - first footage

by Connor Bennett


The V8.10 Update for Fortnite officially released on Tuesday, March 12, and brought with it a brand new vehicle, The Baller - along with a whole host of other changes. 


The Baller, which had been leaked with the start of Fortnite Season 8 as a ‘hamster ball', is a single-occupancy vehicle which has a Grappler attached to the front. 

While it may not have the deadly power of an X-4 Stormwing attack plane, it certainly brings a big change to the battle royale game - with the opportunity to create some hilarious moments as the ball goes flying through the air with it's grappling ability. 

The vehicle can be found at Expedition Outposts and around Pirate Camp loot stashes - meaning that going in search of one will also be dangerous as you’ll be exposed to enemy fire. However, should you find one - hilarity is sure to ensue. 

Epic Games
Epic Games
Head to an Outpost to try and find a Baller vehicle.


Cloud9 Fortnite streamer Joseph 'Keeoh' Winkler has already shown that the vehicle can be paired with another new addition to Season 8 - the Pirate Cannon - to get some wicked air time. 

After being stuck with the grapple by his teammate, Keooh climbed into a Cannon on top of the Pirate Fort and shot himself, and his partner, flying across the sky - proving that the new vehicle can, at least for now, go flying too. 


While the vehicle may not seem as deadly as other in-game vehicles, it looks quite possible that you'll be able to send enemies flying if they stumble into the path of the vehicle's swing. 

The Baller is included in the V8.10 update and is live now following an hour's worth of downtime. So, hop on into the Battle Bus and go and try it out for yourself - but just be aware of other players trying to get their roll on too.