Fortnite leak reveals TikTok ‘Rollie’ emote coming to Season 4

. 2 years ago
Fortnite characters dancing next to TikTok logo
Epic Games/TikTok

A new Fortnite leak from well known data miner ‘Lucas7yoshi’ has uncovered another TikTok dance coming to Epic Games’ title as an emote in the ongoing Season 4. 

Fortnite has become well known for its incredible popular culture crossovers, regularly incorporating the largest aspects of movies, TV, and pop culture into its world.

While crossovers have previously focused on franchises like the Avengers or the heroes of Star Wars, we have also seen increasing numbers of TikTok dances make their way into Epic’s building battle royale.

The Beijing-based social media app has been the center of controversy as the US Government looks set to ban it, but its dance/choreography videos still influence millions of people across the world.

TikTok logo is shown on a smartphone.
The threat to TikTok’s US future hasn’t stopped Epic from including its dances in-game.

Leaker ‘Lucas7yoshi‘ is one of the most well known and reputable data miners in the Fortnite scene, regularly leaking skins, item shop collections and more before they are released in-game.

In a September 18 Reddit post, he shared the first look at a decrypted ‘Rollie’ emote, which takes clear inspiration from the TikTok dance of the same name. As has been the trend on TikTok, it is performed to ‘Rolex’, by Ayo & Teo.

It adds the colorful flare we are used to seeing from Fortnite, and will perfectly slot into the game’s fun, light-hearted vibes.

Unfortunately, Lucas wasn’t clear when the emote will drop in-game, but emotes are rarely added to game files a long time before their implementation.

It seems most likely, then, that we’ll see it added before the end of September at the very latest.

It’s certainly not as anticipated as some of the crossovers and skins we’ve seen added, but TikTok and Fortnite fans can look forward to its implementation.

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