Fortnite leak reveals free 2020 birthday cosmetics

Fortnite players dabbing by a birthday cakeEpic Games

Two new weapon skins have been revealed by leakers ahead of Fortnite’s third birthday celebration, and more could still be on the way. 

Since 2017, Fortnite has pretty much dominated the gaming world with its unique and colorful take on battle royales. Players have flocked to Epic Games’ mega-popular title because of the constant updates, entertaining gameplay, and creative cosmetics. 

For the past two years, the developers have celebrated the battle royale’s birthday by rewarding players with new content – typically in the form of free cosmetics and in-game surprises. 

While many assumed that this year’s celebrations were going to be ignored, given that Epic has remained silent on any potential birthday party – secretly dropping a skin for Save the World players back in July – leakers have managed to get an early look at what is coming soon. 

Fortnite bus with birthday skinsEpic Games
Epic usually goes all out to celebrate Fortnite’s birthday.

Fortnite 3rd birthday free cosmetics

Dataminer Fevers revealed that there are at least two free cosmetics on the way in the form of weapon wraps. 

The first of these was revealed to be a pink and green colored wrap that almost looks like a slice of birthday cake being cut into before it is shared around at a party.

Additionally, the second skin uses the same green color as the first skin for its main color, but it has a unique look because of the different colored confetti that appears to be raining down over it from front to back. You can see images of both skins below. 

Fortnite 2020 birthday wrapFortniteFevers
This confetti themed skin is also a part of the birthday party.
Fortnite 2020 birthday wrapFortniteFevers
This wrap is one of two wraps that have been revealed in the leak.

Previous Fortnite birthday celebrations have given players, perhaps, better cosmetics like pickaxes shaped like a birthday cake, but you can never really go wrong with getting a free reward. 

It remains to be seen if Epic has something else up their sleeve for the birthday celebrations, but we don’t have long to wait given that the Battle Royale mode turns three years old on September 26.