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Fortnite Iron Man Whiplash car leaked with insane speed stats

Published: 31/Aug/2020 12:48

by Connor Bennett


A new Fortnite leak has revealed that an Iron Man skinned Whiplash car is coming soon – and it’s actually going to be better than the normal ones. 

With the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, some of Marvel’s most popular heroes and villains descended on the battle royale island for a season titled Nexus War. 

As characters like Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Doom, Storm, and She-Hulk have arrived, so too have some skins, other cosmetics, new weapons, and even points of interest like the Helicarrier and Doom’s Domain. 


While leaks have also revealed that more mythical superpowers will be arriving throughout the season, the Marvel heroes are also getting their own cars – well, Iron Man is at least. 

Fortnite marvel superheros sitting at table
Epic Games
Some of Marvel’s most iconic characters have descended on Fortnite.

Fortnite Iron Man-themed Whiplash

That’s right, according to a leak from data miner SexyNutella, Iron Man-themed Whiplash cars will soon be available to drive around Fortnite. 

The Iron Man theming doesn’t really deviate from the typical looking Whiplash that is available right now, but makes it look like Tony Stark has given its a personal touch with a few different colors, a glow-up Arc Reactor on the hood, as well as a Mark 51 license – just like how his suits are labeled. 


On top of the theming, the Iron Man Whiplash will be faster than the others. The max speed of the themed car comes out at 120, where the usual Whiplash clocks in at just 90. 

Whether that means the special variant will eat up gas quicker or will be so rare that you barely see one in-game, remains to be seen.

It’s unknown if Epic Games also has plans for other superhero-themed cars but imagine a Thor Mudflap or a Groot Bear with increased health? That would really shake up the roads and make everybody want to drive Fortnite’s cars.