Fortnite EvoChrome weapons: Where to find & how to evolve them

Zackerie Fairfax
fortnite evochrome weapons

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 introduces a new type of weapon – EvoChrome Weapons – that players can evolve in combat all the way up to Mythic rarity.

In the past, Fortnite has introduced evolvable weapons in the form of the Sideways Rifle and Minigun. However, you won’t need to collect monster fragments to power up the all-new EvoChrome weapons.

Chapter 3 Season 4 introduces the EvoChrome Shotgun and Burst Rifle that have been transformed by the mysterious Chrome running rampant on the island. Players can evolve these weapons all the way to Mythic rarity without spending Gold Bars or collecting special loot.

Here’s everything we know about the EvoChrome weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Where to find EvoChrome weapons in Fortnite

EvoChrome weapons are found exclusively inside Chrome Chests. These are a new type of chest introduced in Fortnite Season 4 that share the same metallic appearance as everything else affected by the Chrome.

fortnite evochrome burst rifleEpic Games
EvoChrome weapons are found inside the all-new Chrome Chests

Fortnite Season 4 Chrome Chest locations

Chrome Chests are found in locations across the map that have been affected by Chrome. These include POIs such as Cloudy Condos, Shimmering Shrine, Lustrous Lagoon, and Herald’s Sanctum. There will be more locations as the Chrome continues to spread.

However, players can also make their own Chrome Chests. Using a Chrome Splash item on a chest will turn it into a Chrome Chest that contains EvoChrome weapons.

How to evolve EvoChrome weapons in Fortnite

There’s only one way to evolve EvoChrome weapons: Damage. In order to power up your weapon, you will need to deal plenty of damage to your opponents.

Players will have to deal more damage to reach each new level of rarity from Uncommon to Mythic. We don’t know how much damage is required for each upgrade just yet but will update this piece as more information becomes available.