Fortnite devs finally respond to year-old controller inventory bug everyone hates

Fortnite Chapter 2 logo next to Mancake skinEpic Games

Developers Epic Games have finally responded to a year-old bug in Fortnite, which relates specifically to players’ inventories when they are playing via a controller. 

While cross-platform play is growing in popularity across the gaming industry, many forget just how influential and innovative Fortnite was in this regard. When Epic Games’ battle royale dropped, many players were (inevitably) sucked in by the keyboard and mouse versus controller argument.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both but, as Fortnite has grown older and morphed into the game it is in Chapter 2, some controller players feel they have been left behind by the developers over at Epic.

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FortniteEpic Games
Fortnite Chapter 2 is now into its fifth season, as the game displays a longevity many weren’t convinced it would have.

A common frustration among controller players is the prevalence of bugs, which some argue are far more frequent on controllers compared to keyboard and mouse. One particular inventory bug has now been in the game for more than 12 months without a patch, and controller players’ patience is wearing thin.

When controller players open their inventory, the game is supposed to take them to the first slot. From there, they can organize their inventory or drop items.

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However, with the bug in question, whatever the player last selected stays highlighted. This can lead to multiple items being selected at once, inhibiting smooth gameplay. It can also be a frustration if the player is delayed because of the glitch, only to die to an approaching enemy.

Fortnite Inventory Controller Glitch EpicReddit u/gh0stly2
The glitch is shown in the image above, with multiple items selected by error.

After the issue was highlighted by Redditor ‘gh0stly2‘, who called out Epic over the amount of time the glitch has been in the game, the devs finally responded to confirm they are investigating.

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“Thanks for the tag and bringing it to our attention,” Epic replied. “Eyes on it now.”

Reddit response on Fortnite Controller Inventory bugReddit
The Reddit response from Epic.

There was no information provided on a timescale for a patch, but Fortnite players can expect one fairly swiftly now Epic have confirmed it is being investigated.

Keep your eyes peeled on future patch notes for confirmation of a fix.