Fortnite dev drops huge clue about a GI Joe crossover coming soon

Connor Bennett
Snake-eyes GI Joe in Fortite

Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard has dropped a pretty big clue about a GI Joe crossover coming to the battle royale soon. Expanding on his previous teaser from The Game Awards in late 2020.

Fortnite has become renown for it’s crossovers, as we’ve seen major pop culture icons like Star Wars, Batman, and Marvel, as well as many more, all link up with the battle royale.

In Chapter 2, Season 5, Epic Games has ramped the crossovers up another level. We’ve already had Halo, God of War, The Walking Dead, and The Terminator added – and it looks like plenty more are still to come.

That includes GI Joe. The action figures, turned comic, turned TV and movie franchise was teased as a Fortnite crossover back at the Game Awards when Donald Mustard had an action figure on show. But now, the Epic Games creative director has dropped another tease.

fortnite walking dead crossover
Fortnite has done plenty of crossovers this season, including the Walking Dead.

As anyone who has played Fortnite for a long time will know, when Donald Mustard makes a change to his Twitter account, it usually means that Fortnite is about to change and that he’s got the first clue.

Well, on January 28, the Epic Games creative director tweeted out a picture of him reading a book, with a logo that looks a lot like the Arashikage Clan mark from GI Joe.

In addition to that, his location – which has also been a source for many teasers – has also been changed to Arashikage Clan. If you don’t know, is another reference to GI Joe. The Arashikage Clan are a Japanese ninja clan, which is home to the Snake-Eyes character.

If that wasn’t enough, the official Fortnite Twitter account has also posted a brand new transmission teaser, referencing a lot of “laser guns and explosions”, a clan with the “best codenames”, and a Ninja Master. The teaser even ends with the phrase “knowing is half the battle,” which some fans might recognize as a reference to GI Joe.

Since the first GI Joe teaser, many Fortnite players have pointed to Snake-Eyes being a potential skin, given the hunter theme for skins in this season.

It looks like they’re on the right track following Mustard’s newest teasers, and we should see GI Joe-related cosmetics in Fortnite sooner than later.