Fortnite ATK Vehicle has a Ridiculous Fast Travel Glitch


A hilarious new bug may have Fortnite players traveling around the map faster than ever before.

The ATK has been a constant source of material for content creators and streamers since ever since it launched with Season 5.

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In the latest ATK stunt, a reddit user has managed to get it airborne and flying, traversing the entire map in under seven seconds.

The player takes off in Lazy Links and flies past Greasy Grove in record time.

There is one issue with this new method of fast travel, it was completely unintentional and there is no way to land the ATK safely.

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The user flies way past Greasy and into the storm, eliminating themselves far off the map.

If you want to eliminate yourself far away from Lazy Links however, this ATK glitch is surely the fastest way to accomplish that.

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The ATK can be used to travel efficiently in ways that won’t get you eliminated as well.

Driving it is faster than walking, but you can also climb up mountain cliffs with the ATK.

If you want to get a kart of your own to fly around the map in record times, use our guide to find every possible ATK location.

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