Insane Fortnite Stunt Proves the ATK can go Anywhere

by Vincent Genova


The All Terrain Kart in Fortnite earned its name when someone figured out you can drive it up the face of a cliff.

Reddit user aTVisAthingTOwatch posted a clip of the ATK getting up a mountain with a technique that would make Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift fans a little jealous.


The ATK cannot be driven directly up a cliff face of course, but drifting in a circle is apparently enough thrust to get the kart wherever it needs to go.

"Hold my chug jug, and watch this shit." from r/FortNiteBR

The drift built up a charge that sent the ATK flying up an almost vertical cliff, and it went up sideways.


The All Terrain Kart was introduced for Fortnite Season 5 alongside changes to the map. One of the changes was the addition of a golf course where Anarchy Acres was, which explains the ATK’s golf cart appearance.

The drifting capabilities of the vehicle are sure to add a number of YouTube highlights in the future, but the roof can also be used as a bounce pad.


However, the pad did not function as some expected, leading to frustration and unexpected fall deaths.

Those who want to take full advantage of having a golf cart in Fortnite can also play golf, thanks to the addition of Toys in Season 5.